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About Us

My name is Wesley Bosco

In my early 20's I received my first bill from a procedure I had undergone. It turns out that a deductible was something way different than what I thought it was, and I learned my first lesson on just how confusing Insurance can be. 

Over the next two years, I'd spend countless hours arguing with both the hospital and the insurance company - learning all the tips and tricks to make insurance easy along the way. Fast forward a few years and what I had found was that many people were in the same situation as I once was - confused and overwhelmed when it came to health insurance. 

Insurance, and especially Medicare, is confusing enough that the last thing you need is a sales pitch. With that in mind, I started Health Insurance Specialties to focus on education and empowerment so that you can feel confident that you're covered for whatever life brings. 


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Colorful Notebooks

Get to Know Me

Hometown:  North Bend, NE

Favorite Hobbies: "Fishing, live music, cooking, and sports - I love anything outdoors."

Why Medicare?: "When you can save someone $20,000+ /yr in insurance premiums, help a person afford to go to the doctor for the first time in 10 years, or give people the tools they need to fight cancer it's easy to love what you do."

Fun fact: "I have a lemon and a lime tree on my patio - yes they actually produce lemons and limes!"

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